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What Readers Have to Say About The Touched Saga

"For those who love urban fantasy, a story of love, adventure, action, romance . . . this book has it all. It's a wonderful mix that will sweep readers away with the protagonists. You’ll laugh, cry, and find excitement on every page." Beatrice, Booklovers blog


"You’ll find yourself immersed in the story, experiencing along with the protagonists a world of imagination, passion, love, and friendship." Kaiko, Amazon


"I couldn’t put this book down. I read it three times, and each time I was just as moved as I was the first time! It’s good, very good . . . I hope it’s translated into every language in the world, that it’s made into a movie, a television series, a comic book. I want to see Touched Halloween costumes and rearview-mirror ornaments! This book should even have fanfiction spinoffs—it  deserves all this and more." Valentina Canella


"I loved every single sentence in the book . . . Everything! Really! Touched is a perfect mix, with a sweetness that warms the soul. I’ve read the Twilight saga, and I can say that your book is every bit as good (and this is from a Twilight groupie!) I wonder why it hasn’t been made into a film yet? It would be wonderful! I would watch it over and over again. I’m also going to buy the paper version of the first book so I can always have it with me. You have a rare talent. Evan and Gemma have taken over my heart and it will be difficult to think about anything else for a while!" Ila Ria


 "I read it in one day even though I had to work the night shift at my job! Very good . . . I look forward to the second one. It’s the first fantasy novel I’ve ever read because I’ve never liked the genre, but yours made such a huge impact on me that I devoured it. Your story pierced my heart!" Linda Guarnieri


"I finished the book a while ago and my heart’s still racing! It’s wonderful, it's beautiful . . . The emotion in this book seems to explode and overwhelm you! My compliments. I forgot all about the time." Anna Guerra


"I'm reading the book and it is WONDERFUL. I should go to sleep, but I can’t stop reading! Your book has kidnapped me!”

Laura Lombardozzi


"A beautiful story, a wonderful read. Thank you." Monica Maggi


"Heartwrenching. You’ll cry and be filled with love!" Luisa Albezani


"I just started reading this book and I'm already madly in love. In addition to the exciting story, the writing is really excellent. Gemma’s feelings are described so well I feel like I’m inside her head. Well done!" Vanny Styles


"I just finished reading Touched: The Caress of Fate." It’s TOO MUCH! So wonderful! I can’t wait for the next one to come out!" Ele


"I’ve read other books in this genre, but I’ve never gotten so attached to the characters as I did in this book. I felt every one of their emotions as if it were my own." Mary Fainello


"I think I'm in love with your books. Thank you for letting us dream!" Melissa


"After the prequel, “The Shadow of Fate,” the book could only be WONDERFUL. A caress of fate." Eleanor


"Elisa Amore is an author with a lot of potential, a well-defined personal style, and an abundance of imagination, capable of taking a formula that’s in danger of becoming cliché and turning it into something new and original, with fresh, up-to-the-minute language, innovative ideas, and lots of interesting plot developments. Emotions are the heart and soul of the novel; readers will experience what Amore’s characters feel, as they live this rich and evocative story along with them. Touched: The Caress of Fate stands out compared to other run-of-the-mill paranormal novels, promising great things for the next books." Reading at Tiffany's


"I'm falling hopelessly in love with the Touched saga." Crazy Moro


"This book is phenomenal! It immediately rose to the top of my list. On a scale of one to five, it’s definitely a five!" Emmanuela


"Reading The Caress of Fate is a bit like going on a long journey, full of mysterious events, dreams, revelations, and intertwined destinies, which make the book an intense and compelling story." Francesca, Fantastic Read blog


“The only description that comes close to explaining what it was for me is that it touches your heart. The book, the language, the emotions that you put on paper had an unbelievable impact on me.” Giada De Togni


"I'm reading The Caress of Fate. I’m still at the beginning, but I’m already hooked. I love the writing." Twitter, Roland


"But what if your destiny is named Evan, as beautiful as a ray of sunshine and as sweet as cotton candy? And what if he’s also your executioner? Elisa Amore reminds me how nice it is to read and to love reading." Consuelo


"I would give it a perfect ten, because it is a wonderful story that makes you dream, page after page." Silvia


"This is what you will find in The Caress of Fate, a love that is strong and passionate, able to challenge any evidence and any destiny."

Franci Cat, Coffee and Books


“I felt like Gemma: I felt her joy and her pain along with her. I also felt Evan’s anger, his love, gentleness, and fear, all along with him.”  

La Contessa - Romanticamente Fantasy Blog


"A really amazing fantasy novel, where love is mixed with the supernatural. A new saga, one that starts with Touched: The Caress of Fate, which is already making readers anxious to read the second, and no doubt fantastic, installment."

Elisa Bonfadini - Il


"A memorable love story told in a sublime way. There is definitely something unique about Elisa Amore’s style: it grabs you like a magnet, showcasing the author’s skill." Luna Effy Blog


"While I was reading, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, crying, and feeling overcome with emotion, all at the same time—the excitement of the story just hit me so hard! What a feeling! So powerful, intense, consuming, powerfully heartwrenching. . . You just can’t help being touched by a love like this, that overcomes every obstacle and joins two halves separated by fate." Bliss, Passion For Books Blog


"From a paranormal point of view, what strikes me most, apart from the Norwegian legends about the Subterraneans, is the coexistence of two supernatural figures that are rarely seen together, the Angels and the Witches." Bluebloods, Dreaming Between The Lines blog


"Elisa S. Amore knows well how to describe environments and especially emotions, sometimes even too much. So moving!" Angela, Amazon

"The story is very engaging. I hadn’t eaten in three days and I couldn’t tear myself away!" Ros, Amazon

"The story has all the ingredients necessary to become a paranormal fiction bestseller: mystery, action, love, paranormal elements. It’s truly evocative." Sara Cozzoli, Amazon


"Nice book. Elisa, I think you have the courage to fight for what you believe in and succeed, because you are very good at it." Elisa M., Amazon

"I hope you have all the success you deserve." Ste, Amazon


"A fast-paced, spine-chilling story." Cristina Contilli, author



"A very involving book. I really enjoyed it because I could identify with the characters. The scenes and, above all, the characters’ feelings, were described wonderfully. In addition to the love story, it keeps you on the edge of your seat because of all the action and adventure and the motorcycle and car chases!" David Backam, Amazon


"I never thought this book would hit me this way." Dorothy, Amazon


"Unpredictable and mesmerizing: how do you cheat death when it comes looking for you?" Tiffany, Amazon


"I thank the writer for having created this wonderful book." A99, Amazon


"I wish there were one word to describe the wonder of this book. Too bad that word has not yet been invented. A novel whose protagonists are not only Angels but also Witches, two figures that until now had never been seen together. Elisa S. Amore has managed to create a masterpiece, something not seen from an Italian author for some time. This young and beautiful author has a poetic style that sweeps the reader along with the thoughts and anxieties of the protagonists. A narrative that hits the reader with a power almost as poignant as the emotions that affect the characters." Daphne, From A Book With Love blog


"To say that it is pure poetry would be too little! Every sentence, even the most trivial, will make you dream and you almost feel as if you’re walking on clouds." Milly, A Book For Dreaming blog


"The romance between Gemma and Evan is magical and makes you hope someone like Evan could really exist." Mary, Amazon


"Beautiful, riveting, and damn romantic. Mesmerizes you from the first word to the last." Tea, Amazon


"An overwhelming love story, with mystery, fear, hope, confidence . . . Not to be missed, I recommend it to all people who love to dream! What a fantastic story." Maria, Amazon


"A love story that gets into the mind, warms the heart, and touches the soul." Vale D, Amazon


"A book that sweeps you away. Well written and absolutely recommended for those who love the genre and want to enjoy a beautiful love story." Vanessa, Amazon


"I cannot wait to read the next one!" Valeria, Amazon


"I've never seen a more beautiful or more exciting love. Not even Twilight aroused the same emotions and feelings in me."

Joy, The Diary of A Dreamer


"Through the constant flow of events, Elisa shows us how devastating an intense love story that breaks down the boundaries and limits can be. It carries you beyond all reason, amplifying new and unknown feelings . . . The hearts of Gemma and Evan are "touched," causing the words victim and perpetrator to lose their meaning, since love has obliterated the barrier between them."

Lucrezia Scali, The Book That Pulsates blog


"The beginning is crazy! It makes you want to continue reading and gives you an unsettling feeling." Aria 91, Amazon


"The protagonists embody the image of the two tragic lovers, pursuing each other and their deepest desires without being able to reach their goals." Lucia, the Loyal Book blog


"Everything is well described from different perspectives, but never boring or predictable. Would recommend." Mony, Amazon


"The author has the magic touch. You can see and feel everything she writes take shape inside your mind. . ." Consuelo, Amazon


"It really touched me. I'm happy I read it!" Elena Serboli, Amazon

"Elisa was able to mix features of YA paranormal romance novels with other totally original and rarely seen elements. The resulting mix has made—and will continue to make—the Touched series a winner. Touched not only offers up romance, passion, and sighs, but also action and adrenaline-fueled events, making for heart-pounding reading with exciting twists." Janeisa, Reading At Five O'Clock blog


"I look forward to future installments." Lola Merli, Amazon


"My heart has not stopped throbbing for a second." About the Blog of Clare


"A book of stunning beauty. " Valdelsely, Amazon


"Good debut for a young Italian writer. In the world of urban fantasy, Touched can hold its own among the ranks of well-known authors." Silvia, Amazon


"A fascinating story, very well written indeed." Miriam, Amazon


"It's a book that will capture your heart, and that you can no longer do without." Luna, Amazon


"Read it! Your emotions will be held captive until the last page." Glenda, Amazon


"A love so sweet and pure it ravished my heart and touched my soul. As soon as you start reading it, it’s like a drug; you can’t tear yourself away." Sophie, Amazon


"It pulls you on to the very last page and leaves you waiting for the sequel with bated breath!" Elisa Pancali, Amazon


"I liked it a lot." Silvia, Amazon


"It impressed and captivated me, and I can’t wait to read the next book was thrilled and ecstatic and couldn’t wait to read more. Award-winning on all counts . . . this young author promises to deliver!" Paola Carratù, Amazon


"This book sweeps you away on a flood of emotion." Damy, Amazon


"The author manages to describe the evolution of the characters so well that you really can’t tear yourself away from the pages, and you find yourself in the woods of Lake Placid." Kaiko, Amazon


"I was enchanted." Valentina, Amazon


"This love story can make you dream. It's a beautiful book that doesn’t get boring." Katia, Amazon


"This book’s originality makes it very compelling and intriguing. I really hope that one day it may also have a film adaptation." Laura, Amazon


"It held my attention up to the last page and I have to say this is one of the most beautiful works I’ve read lately!" Beatrice, Amazon


"Secrets, passion, love, and mystery in a saga that, thanks to the talent of its creator, in only a few days has aroused the curiosity of many readers, myself included, and that promises to reserve many surprises." Atelier of books


"A self-published paranormal romance series featuring angels is becoming a real phenomenon on the Internet. I picked out the book by chance on anobii and was totally amazed: it was love at first sight." La Bottega incantata dei libri.


"If Elisa Amore is successful in her determination to create a saga complete with background media such as her blog and the book trailer, which will be released in theaters soon . . . she must be tenacious  and worthy of admiration. The plot, centered on angels and romance, is a satisfying treat for my voracious intellectual curiosity. Here the angels play very specialized roles, and I’m really anxious to learn more about them." Bookhunter


"I love stories about angels and tormented love, and this novel seems to have all that’s necessary to get our blood pumping and become one of the most exciting reads of the year!" Gilly, Booksland


"A young Italian author, Elisa Amore, a newcomer on the literary scene, is committed to fulfilling her dream with tenacity and passion." Books from Fable


"The plot is very interesting. I think this book will be the next to be added to my already packed library." Beira's Heart

"Elisa S. Amore has brought fantasy fans Touched, a novel whose protagonist is not a vampire, a wolf or a zombie, but rather an Angel of Death." Books Save Us


"I can’t wait to get my hands on the book! The Angels of Death really inspire me . . ." Freely Speaking of Books


"Elisa S. Amore has promised to give us a novel in which love, death, and sacrifice form the basic elements of a love that transcends all boundaries and implacable fate. I can’t wait to read it, and you?" From a Book With Love


"The Italian writer Elisa S. Amore is a newcomer to the literary scene. She’s determined to make her first book known, I would say with great success." A Good Book Never Ends


"This saga inspires me a lot, and the cover is wonderful, is not it?"  A Thousand and One Books.



 “As seductive as Meet Joe Black. As mysterious as City of Angels. As powerful as Twilight.”


“Elisa S. Amore is one of the few phenomena in Italian self-publishing.”

Vanity Fair


“Girls who dream of love, a new novel just for you has come out in bookshops.”

Marie Claire


“The Caress of Fate is the literary success of the year.”

Tu Style


“A winning novel that’s fresh and interesting, one that belongs on your bookshelf.”

Io Donna


“Italy, too, is seeing the rise of the fantasy genre served with a side of romance. Its undisputed queen is thirty-one-year-old Elisa S. Amore.”

F Magazine


“A sensationally successful debut.”

La Sicilia


“Elisa S. Amore is an unquestioned star of the supernatural fantasy genre.”



“For those who think emotions shouldn’t die out as you grow up, this novel has a lot to offer you.”



“With The Caress of Fate, Elisa S. Amore makes her bookstore debut, but if you look up her name on the web you’ll discover a whole world. Elisa S. Amore’s narrative skills are clear; it’s like reading a classic American-made saga.”

Pop Up Literature


“A truly incredible fantasy novel in which love is masterfully combined with the supernatural. A new saga whose readers are already anxiously awaiting the second—and no doubt spectacular—installment.”

Il Recensore


 “A love story that goes beyond the confines of reality to unite two souls as they overcome every obstacle. Recommended for all romantics and everyone who dreams of immortal love.”

Gli Amanti dei Libri


“Elisa S. Amore has created a world around her novel, making it something unique.”

Lo Schermo


“A modern version of the Italian masterpiece Death Takes a Holiday.”

Elena - Goodreads


“As fascinating as Meet Joe Black, but for young adults. And not only.”

The Bookworm


“Following the Italian success of Alberto Casella, another fascinating story about death and love.”

R. Fantasy


Hailed by critics as a perfect mix of City of Angels and Meet Joe Black, with a pinch of the Orpheus legend.

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