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Welcome to the Touched Saga characters’ page!

Evan, Gemma, Simon, Ginevra, Drake, Faustian and Peter... Discover their faces as seen through the author’s eyes or respond to the survey and share your vision with us!

Get to know the Touched characters, take quizzes inspired by them, and find out who’s made for you!


Touched Dreamcast:

The characters as seen through the author’s eyes
Lucy Hale as Gemma Bloom
Matt Lanter as Evan James
Blake Lively as Ginevra
Alex Pettyfer as Simon
Daniel Conn as Drake
Jonathan R. Meyers as Faustian
Gavin Macintosh as Peter

Meet the Touched Saga characters!

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Evan is the male protagonist of the story. He’s strong and courageous, loyal to his friends, and faithful to his love. He’s an Angel of Death, and it’s his duty to help souls during the difficult transition to the other side. A true soldier, he never disobeys orders except in one particular case: Gemma Bloom. When he meets her for the first time he’s so struck by her he seeks to understand what it is about her that makes her different from all other mortals. Though he doesn’t succeed in learning the reason, their hearts intertwine in a harmonious, infinite love.


Drake is part of Evan’s family, together with Simon and Ginevra. He’s fun-loving and a bit rough around the edges, a definite alpha male. He’s also an Angel of Death, but unlike Evan, he enjoys playing with the souls before they cross over. He’s a hunter. Beneath his coarse exterior he hides the tragedy of having lost the woman he loves, Stella. He’s a loyal friend who helps Evan protect Gemma.


Simon is the third Angel of Death. He’s adorable, kind, generous, and sweet. Of the three, he’s surely the most calm and meditative. Blond and handsome, he’s involved in an impossible love affair with a Witch, Ginevra—impossible, because Witches and Subterraneans are sworn enemies. Despite this they overcome every obstacle to stay together. Their relationship isn’t just about caresses and passionate kisses; they also relish fast runs and hand-to-hand combat. It’s a complete relationship based on the total sharing of their hearts.  


Ginevra is a Witch, a fascinating and incredible Witch. She lives with Simon, Evan, and Drake because she betrayed her Sister Witches to be with the love of her life. But she’s no simple girl: she loves adrenaline-fueled challenges and battles. She doesn’t know how to lose. She can read people’s thoughts and holds her own with even the most powerful Angel. In addition to her estrangement from her Sister Witches, she also witnessed the death of her real sister at the hands of her brother due to a disagreement about witchcraft. It’s still an open wound, and she sees Gemma as a new member of the family.


Gemma was born and raised in Lake Placid. Her world revolves around the stories she reads and the evenings spent at the movies with her best friend Peter. Her parents own a diner that’s always crowded, and she often gives them a hand. When she meets Evan, though, everything in her world changes radically, and perhaps even something in her begins to transform. She develops great strength and courage, is sweet and naive at times, and trusts in others even when they don’t deserve it. She sees more than is permitted to humans and will learn new rules about how the world works.


Peter is Gemma’s best friend and he’s always been secretly in love with her. The only one who’s never noticed it is our protagonist, who breaks his heart when she falls in love with Evan. Peter is impulsive, hotheaded, and passionate. He would do anything for Gemma, truly anything. He always knows how to cheer her up, but this doesn’t seem to be enough to win her heart. He plays lacrosse and is on the school team, the Blue Bombers. His bedroom is always a mess.   










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The First Meeting

Something moved behind me, making my heart stop. Someone else was there with us in the forest. Racked with shivers, I felt the blood drain from my face. Every muscle in my body froze instantly, immobilized by unknown terror. Out of the corner of my eye, I barely made out a blurry figure.

Another shiver, one of warning, ran down my spine. I turned swiftly, hoping it was just an illusion, a trick of light and shadow that the forest was playing on me.

That’s when I saw him.

His penetrating eyes captured mine like a magnet as a devastating jolt of electricity swept over my skin. Everything around me disappeared, obliterated by his presence.

My gaze locked onto his and all else faded away.

Framed by the massive pine trunk behind him, his perfectly still figure blocked the light that blurred his outline as though he were a mirage, a mere projection of my mind.

Through the half-light, I could see a line furrowing his brow as if he were puzzled, as if he was surprised I was staring at him." Touched- The caress of fate



Not bad for a first meeting, right? Evan is simply breathtaking. Muscular, athletic, mysterious, with dark, rebellious hair and eyes like ice, he’s a heartbreaker, especially for our readers. The author shows them no pity!


Evan is an Angel of Death. His duty is to accompany the chosen souls when they cross over to the afterlife. One of the victims assigned to him is Gemma. But can you kill the person you love? It’s precisely this dilemma that showcases one of Evan’s best qualities, his courage: the courage to stand his ground against everyone else in the name of something as special as love. Impetuous, impulsive, passionate, close to his family and to his brothers, Evan is always ready to give his life for them. He’s also sweet and thoughtful, the perfect person to take care of you and keep you safe from harm.


"I felt trapped in a maze with no way out, where all paths led back to her. [...] I tried to separate my lips from hers but instantly felt lost without her warmth and pulled her back to kiss her again . . . and again. I wanted time to stop. Right there, right then." Touched - The caress of fate

Impetuous, impulsive, passionate, close to his family and to his brothers, Evan is always ready to give his life for them. He’s also sweet and thoughtful, the perfect person to take care of you and keep you safe from harm.



“Trust me, Jamie,” he insisted sweetly. Following an uncontrollable impulse, I did as he said, cautiously relaxing my grip and letting go. His arms held me tenderly. The breeze softened as we gradually slowed down, unnaturally, and then stopped halfway across. My foot was touching the liquid surface but I wasn’t sinking.

“Evan!” I exclaimed, both frightened and amazed. We were floating, suspended on the mirror of water. “What’s—How is this possible?” I clung harder to his arm, which was rock solid, his muscles flexed, as my eyes shot nervously to the lake beneath our feet." Unfaithful - The deception of night


Evan loves adrenaline and racing his motorcycle. It makes him feel alive, clears his head, and frees his deepest emotions. A date with him would be electrifying! You’ll need to prepare for:


  • A ride in a helicopter, complete with loop-the-loops and nosedives. He’ll use your terror as an excuse  to hold you tight in his strong arms!

  • A romantic dinner on the shore of a lake. After eating, when you dip your feet in the cool water, he’ll lift you up and let you gaze at the stars from the middle of the lake, suspended in the air, cradled in his arms.

  • A ride home on his motorcycle. You’re running late, distracted by all that passion. It’s a last bit of adrenaline to cap off a magical evening!

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Evan e Gemma
Simon e Ginevra
Drake e Peter
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