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La opinión de los lectores sobre la Saga Touched 

«Jóvenes que soñáis con el amor, ¡esta novela es para vosotras!» 

Marie Claire

«Una novela espectacular, fresca e interesante. Hay que comprarla.» 

Io Donna

«Elisa S. Amore es una estrella indiscutible del fantasy sobrenatural.» 


Elena Genny

Really nice page , this saga has really kidnapped in every sense , I can not wait to come out on the third!


Cristina Polimeni

Last night I finished the second book .. And I was amazed : D can not wait to read the third , when it comes out ?? Thanks for giving me so many emotions !



I finished reading also Unfaithful , was another emotion, just as I had expected. Something unique, not to mention the final overwhelming that leaves the reader in awe (and I admit it made me cry ) . I can not wait to hold in my hands the third, you already know when it comes out ?



I read touched and I just finished unfaithful . what to say ....... fantastic , overwhelming , they fill my heart with a thousand emotions , I read them both in a week ! they are books you can spend the night in white, they will steal your heart . This saga has me completely overwhelmed .


Tiziana Calzi

what a thrill to read your books ... I could not stop .. I read them in 4 days ! Can't wait to get hands on the third .. :)


Katy Accorroni

I have no words .... really .... I can not wait to come out the next book ... have I to wait so long? :-)


Enza Covino

I'm madly in love with this saga ... but there is no possibility of early release the next book... ? ? Wait until next fall is impossible ... : - ' (


Veronic to Gallizia

When a book makes you sigh but also hold your breath , it makes your heart beat faster but also let you stop , when it makes you smile but also cry ... is a book PERFECT ! "



I have read the saga .... what can I say... I was speechless ... Breathless ... I cried and shook with them... Evan and Gemma make me dream and believe true love exists... their is a love that overtake the simple little scene ... It is a love that consumes them , they would give their lives for each other...



Unfaithful is not  just a book : it is a strong emotion that leaves you breathless after you have known it "


Maria Pia Poziello

I really have no words .. I just finished Unfaithful and I'm crying .. Was not supposed to end like this ! I know that will come out later , but I can not resist until the release of the third book : (

Congratulations , really. This story is amazing ! I have no words to describe it : 3 * - *


Sara Bertin

Unfaithful, what a fantastic book! Unfortunately I was not able to buy Touched why it disappeared from Amazon ! Congratulations , it's beautiful , I cried for an hour in the final ...


Serena Bertonelli

hello I read the books and it is a story that kidnapped me from the first word I love them ....


Filomena Matrone

Wonderful and exciting history. I literally overwhelmed!

I can not wait to read more


Daniela Polito

Buongiornooo , you have news on the release of the third ? I can not wait any longer!!


Iron star

I just finished unfaithful ... and I wonder , but how could you? Was overwhelming , exciting, beautiful , but I would like to know how it ends! I 'll Have to wait so long? I've Already imagined how it might continue the story , I hope I do not disappoint ! with love


Valentina Canella 

How to prepare for the exit of the third book ... ? Reread the other two and see you again lost in the woods of Lake Placid as if it were the first time. Elisa you are so great, I look forward .... But new chapters on Evan I did not understand where to find it .


Roberta Ferrari

I finished this afternoon to read the second! The first was very nice but the second was truly outstanding ! ! The relationship between Evan and Gemma deeply engaging. Congratulations ! I look forward to read the third : D


Silvia Rocca

Congratulations on this wonderful saga ! ! Yesterday I finished unfaithul and I cried as it has ended! I can not wait to read more ... I know for sure that I do not disappoint !


Angela L

unfaithful is even more beautiful and intense of touched * __ * I got it the 13/4 from amazon and I've almost finished! I can not tear myself away from the book, it is an awesome thing ! I hope I have not to wait too much to read brokenhearted because I do not know how much I can resist without to read it! heheh the love story of Evan and Gemma is wonderful and breathtaking ... not to mention the intrigue and plot twists !

Oh how many tears I knew not bode well that plan cursed ! Mom I'm bad I swear ! I have never cried for a book, before. It was the first time!



I read your first 2 books and what to say? They are absolutely wonderful ! I practically devoured them in less than a week ! I finished the second yesterday and I can not stop crying ..... that final betting traumatic ! !

I can not wait to read the third , in May, and I keep telling myself that can not end well ....

I'm really discouraged .....

I am very romantic and sensitive, but I never thought of such an intensity

My Congratulations to the author Elisa S. Amore.



I read " TOUCHED " and I loved it . To me a book have to take you from the beginning; introduction and presentation , while you read or when you can not wait to get home to resume from where you left it and eventually when you leave a something of nice .... and you do all this ... nothing to envy to Meyer or Lauren Kate ... sincere congratulations!


Damiana Cioffi

Listen to the song of the last cd of Modà" beautiful " and read about Evan and Gemma ... of their looks ... their caresses ... their kisses ! * _ * I assure you that the pages of the book or the tablet will burn for self combustion ! : - Q____ absolutely indescribable ... "


Daniela Pocchiola

I can not wait to read more. I felt in love with this books:) I would like to have read the entire saga to know how it ends


Simona Todaro

Waaaa!!! I finished reading the book and I pretty much loved. Touched is one of those few books that really entered my heart and I've read so many books. Love, adrenaline , hope, a mixture of overwhelming emotions . I relate a lot with Gemma , we are temperamentally very similar :) And what about Ewan ? I adore him!!!! ♥ ;) I can not wait to read Unfaithful * - * Congratulations Elisa , I knew that I would not be at all disappointed Touched .


Melania Consalvo

I am finishing reading Touched , I connect and what do I find in the news ? ! ? The cover of Unfaithful ♥ It ' really crazy , I love it ^ _ ^ Thank you Elisa !


Cristina Farulla

Dear Elisa , I'm so happy! these sad days , passed on the books to prepare for a series of events including the maturity, because of you have seen a bit of light ♥ I just finished reading the article on Atelier books and I am in seventh heaven!  It is my own destiny  to buy your books out of the cinema ! In fact, on I will go to watch Warm Bodies and as it ends, I will go straight  to the bookstore! Like Touched, that I bought after Breaking Dawn2 ♥ ♥ However, the Cover is ghghhdhfdkjgjhkjdjhe already love it! ^ ^


Federica Di Santi

hello ! that's great ! could not wait to come out your books ! but I can find both in the bookstore? Or can I order them ? :)


Alessia Garbo

I'm shivering , I just finished !

I have no words , you're a wonderful writer ; your mind is wonderful, a tangle of emotions and feelings. Thank you for sharing it with us ! ♥

When will be released Unfaithful ? ! I can not wait. I want it nowwwwww! : D


Rugiada fra le orbite

Finished reading ... One word leads to another .. I would continue to read it forever, then shame that the pages are finished !

So handsome ! congratulations! Can not wait to read the next!


Veronica D'Angelo

Just finished reading . I'm excited! Congratsssss! ! Keep it up !


Ventura Cefalo

beautiful book I was kidnapped and I read it in a short time you made me move to their first kiss in the dream I would re-read a thousand times it was wonderful how you described it I can not wait to read the sequel but when does it come out ?


Elizabeth Arcuri

I'm really looking forward to seeing the cover of Unfaithful and read it! (you know I've already said : p ) .. I've never read a book written by an Italian writer who has taken me so much .. I'm really in love with the book : p congratulations again!


Proud Peach Toadstool

My congratulation to tje Author for the cover of Touched . It does not happen often , unfortunately, to see similar covers for Italian authors . But really you self-published ? Really compliments :)


Elena De Masi

I just finished reading Touched , is a wonderful book that made me excite a lot. Congrats Elisa !


Federica CIA

Just finished reading Touched and the only things I can say are: Amazing saga and well done to the author . I can not wait to read more 


Simona Todaro

I just finished reading the extract of Unfaitful and I am literally going crazy. If just four chapters took me so deeply, I dare not imagine what I will feel when I'll have in my hands the whole book . I knew Elisa , do not contradict anything, I was sure that this extract I would have liked to die . I love those two , and then Evan < 3_ ♥ Speechless ! Too strong part of the plane , I did beat the heart and smiling at the same time . So that mean? A cocktail of emotions that can't be missed.


Elena De Masi

I just finished reading Touched , is a wonderful book that made me excite so much.Congrats Elisa !


Giorgia Di Domenico

I just finished reading Touched , I've never read a book more beautiful than this ! you've really outdone Twilight! congratulations ! I can not wait to read Unfaithful ! ;)


Federica CIA

Finally today I was able to download the extract of Unfaithful , I literally devoured !

It's amazing how the story between Gemma and Evan absorb me completely making me forget everything. When I finished reading the last chapter I looked up and I thought, " But where am I? " , I was convinced that I be there on the deck watching the harrowing scene of Evan who tries to rescue his beloved. Then , unfortunately, I found myself in my room sad because I had finished reading the extract but also glad to know that in less than a week I will have in hand the entire book .

It is just as amazing as I feel on my skin the same emotions as when Evan Gemma approaches her or talk .. as if he were here with me in the flesh , or maybe everything is simply due to the skill of the author who succeeds to make it look real, even things that actually are not.

In these 4 chapters I noticed a different Evan , or maybe it's just my imagination. I thought it was a "person" much more cheerful and carefree , a "person" who has finally found his purpose in life and the desire to fight and not give up. To put it bluntly a "person" in love !

Gemma is spectacular .. Well with all its weaknesses and emotions to human .

I do not know it will continue the book and honestly I prefer it that way , I will not ruin the surprise . The only thing I thought is that maybe Drake and Stella will meet again .

Anyway congratulations again to the author .


Sara Olv

Just finished reading Unfaithful on the cover because there was no written PREPARING TISSUE ? ? Now I need the next book  ahahahah Or I will get crazy! At the end I continued to press the buttons on the pc searching for other pages. I was in crisis ... But it is really wonderful compliments when I read it my heart was pounding, I'm now waiting for the hard copy so I can highlight all the billions of phrases I like.


Silvia Asperti

hello I wanted to tell you that I just finished Touched I think it is more than beautiful! Devouring it I felt the same feelings I felt as I read Twilight! Congratulations! I would like to know if there will be the opportunity to explore the history between Ginevra  and Simon , I realized I loved them


Raffaela Romano

I must say that this is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read , all expanded from the fact that it is really written in a way that leaves you breathless . Suspense and romance are mixed in a unique way ... But most of all I like the way in which you can bring out the relationship between Evan and Gemma , the way they love each other , the way they give their lives for each other .

Even when I had finished , I could not believe it ...

Anyway, congratulations again , it's a story that breaks the heart , it makes you excite. And not everyone can . Really talented .

I'll wait with anxiety the third chapter xD


Silvia Asperti

hello last night I finished Unfaithful , together with my stock of handkerchiefs ! I have not yet realized what has happened ! I can not wait to read the releases of Brokenhearted ps: should make the film sooner or later.


Giovanna D'amore

Hello everyone I finished reading the second book last night ..... what to say...what a beautiful shock! .... I understand it or are 5 books? Returning to the book I am still shocked ... I can not believe ! And now what will happen? ? ? ? BHOOO May is so away ! uff


Beatrice Luzi

I'm loving Touched to madness, I dare not imagine how much I will like the other books ! Thanks for all the emotions that are giving me Gemma and Evan ... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Francesca Giacometti

I started yesterday and finished today! ! too good ! and now I'll read the next! !


Deva Pedroli

Noooooo ! I did not like at all the end of unfaithful .. A wonderful story but just did not understand why this is final .. I'm a shocked..I'm still crying!


Jessica Tommasi

I just finished reading touched ! ! Amazing! I can not wait to read unfaithful! !


Glenda Lissandrello

Good, very good indeed! It is a novel engaging, if I'm being really critical at times I lost myself in the descriptions , and I was impatient to get to the dialogues , but perhaps it is the prerogative of my character ! I gave you 5 stars and all deserved , I just finished and already I bought Touched 2 ' ... But the others when they come out ?I don't like to wait too long! Really compliments , I will make a great advertising


Sofia Sofi

I read your book " Touched " and I must say it is a small masterpiece gorgeous!

You really moved me with your characters , your story , your way of writing and narrating the story .

Thank you for giving me a moment to dream .

You really are a fantastic writer !

I've always loved stories about angels, demons etc. .. but this book really entered my heart .


Paola Carratù

I will repeat indefinitely...... you Write in a wonderful way .... to read your books keeps me awake at night Only because I want to finish the chapters that follow like the leaves caught by the wind ..... Thank you and continue to write so .... weep and laugh as a function of the pages of your books .... ♥


Eva Mirabile

Great Elisa! ... You have created fantastical characters ... we can Trashing Bella and Edward, Cristian Grey and Anastasia! Gemma and Evan wow! I'm devouring Touched and tonight I think I'll finish and I look forward to slightly Unfaithful ..


Angela Bellocchio

Unfaithful : fantastic book , devoured in just 3 days .... can't wait to read more ... :)


Maria Loreta De Benedettis

the last chapter of unfaithful ends between pain and mysteries too dark  to reveal... I've exhausted all the tears , flooding home


violet Wolf

Talented ! Congratulations ! I loved Touched ! I marked the most beautiful phrases , pretty much everything ! Thank you for this wonderful saga !


Laura Ricceri

I finished reading Unfaithful... It's a lie , I've eaten it! I read it at lunch , at night, whenever I could ... I miss it already .. I wrote a review on Amazon I hope it is useful for the others who do not yet have discovered this exciting story ... God, May is so far away! How do I will wait?


Ida Christmas

 Thanks to have written this wonderful saga , is fantastic !



This Saga, Evan Gemma , Simon Drake and the beautiful Ginevra entered my soul, so deep that I thought it was impossible! Unfaithful moved me in every page, and at the end I slammed torn and broken ! How much I have cried!!! How much!!  I can't never wait for May.


Lara S.

Touched is really beautiful , I read it in really few time and now I'm devouring the second.


Glenda L.

Dear author of Evan and Gemma , I arrived in the middle of your masterpiece , I love it even more! It is as if in the second book you had become familiar with your story , although it is difficult to explain more firmly perceive your safety in the story in the way you write. I am quite certain that this beautiful love story you could make a film that would have nothing to envy to twilight . I really hope that some producer in the world put his hands on the novel because a film would be successful , I am writing this to you because I feel it is right and to assure you that you have written the right story , the one that just by word of mouth brings an author grass like you to become famous , and I will hope !




I've been haunted by this saga ... I have entered the characters in the heart ... Have you written anything else? Thank you so much for giving me so many emotions with this beautiful story ...

I have read both and in the end I almost choked with tears ... I did not expect an ending so it 's better this way : if you can not wait to read means you've done a good job . I find that the more passionate saga of recent times ..



To say that the saga is really amazing is an understatement! It made me thrill like no other! I love the characters, from first to last though Evan and Gemma are absolutely my favorites. I am really in love with them and their history. Elisa S. Amore you are able to describe their emotions in a so incredible way! So much so that I seem to experience them on my skin. The end of the second book left me breathless and with a lump in my throat, I do not know how I'm going to arrive until May to run out and buy the third , but I guess you can not tell me nothing . Anyway I wanted to congratulate because you are be able to create a story so magical that gives pure emotions in every page ...



An angel of death and a mortal, can he fall in love with a mortal who has the task of accompanying Eden after his death ? ? Evan find very strange that Gemma can see him, hear him and feel him when he is in its angel shape, that's intrigued approached, knowing well that will accompany her in Eden, but love can do everything and Evan is faced with a fork: save Gemma , or cause death ...... The powerful love can go strong against all odds ... recommended book , sweet and you find yourself rooting for their love. Rating : 4/5 "


Paola Carratù

you know I 'm re-reading them , right? I will go on reading until May arrives.... It ' a bliss plunge into the world you've created and you gave us ..... ♥


Mara Ravasio

No no no no no ... No!! I can not resist until May to read the third book! I stayed up all night to finish it and I could not tear myself away .. exciting .. compelling romantic ... heartbreaking .. a mix of emotions that make you heart beat faster ... thanks elisa for  having written a masterpiece like that ♡


Elena Serboli

I could not resist .... I missed your book like the air ì, so I reread them both a second time! And you know what I say? It seems impossible , because I was already madly in love at first reading , but the second 'was definitely the best , having no hurry to rush to know  I enjoyed , lived every page I cried laughed and loved every single line .... in short, I madly in love with this saga, with its characters, so much that I already miss them ! ! So I do not suffer more ..... I will reread again and again ! ! I would love to live in the pages of this saga, it seems that I have waited it for my entire life! ❤ ❤ ❤


Blue Bloods

It is not difficult to explain the success that they are getting this book and this saga [...] Elisa S.Amore can become one of the brightest stars in the Italian Urban Fantasy firmament. I firmly believe and will always be a pleasure to get lost in its pages .


Franci Cat

A story, Unfaithful, with a Shakespearean Gothic atmosphere , in which the melancholy notes of a violin accompany us on our journey fraught that the protagonists have to face. As Tristan and Isolde, two young people in love , discouraged by an adverse fate , will have to fight to the extreme to see made ​​their most intimate desires . Succeed, sooner or later , to have their happy ending? I began to devour it and read it as he was leaving of my own life. A terrible but beautiful finale that will leave you in a state of pure stunning .


Alice Garau

I look forward to the third chapter, but when it comes out ?


Elena broth

Certainly the kindle gives you a great comfort but the two printed volumes , with two wonderful covers, immediately give you an indescribable feeling ! ! ❤ ❤ ❤


violet Wolf

I can not tear myself away from this wonderful book , I became dependent from Evan ! ♥ - ♥ Good night Underground ! I'm going to immerse myself in reading Unfaithful and daydreaming in the pages of the saga that entered into my heart like no one before!


Valentina Vale Turhetti

Trembling and waiting for the return of EVANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.


Elizabeth Arcuri

I had set not to overdo it and instead I am almost half the book. As always, I could not resist the temptation to read the last lines and even if you do not know what will happen I realized that it won't be a happy ending : ( ( maybe it was better to resist the temptation ! ) Anyway I love it , it takes you so much that you would never stop to read ..


Jessica Tommasi

I finished reading unfaithful. Amazing!! I could not stop crying , how am I going to wait for May ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? Can't you anticipate the release Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ! !???


Stefania Antonello

Just finished : ' (

Brokenhearted .. Tell me that , somehow , will remedy to what has happened ! ! Heartebreaking. Expecially after what I have discovered!!


Beatrice Luzi

The more I get to read it the more I love this book ! This book is making me daydream ...


Sonia Lightning

A saga that really leaves the sign and touches your heart!


Elena De Masi

Touched was definitely a magic and wonderful book, makes traveling the reader into a dark and mysterious universe : the world of the Underground . Unfaithful is the book that struck me most of all in the saga and the absolute best among all the ones I've ever read. There are no words to describe the emotions that triggered in me Gemma and Evan! I really hope it comes out the following as soon as possible because I am impatient to read what will happen later.


Beatrice Luzi

" Touched " in addition to being a wonderful discovery , proved to be an exciting read and engaging as only a few books can do. The love story between Gemma and Evan is making me dream so much and now I'm reading " Unfaithful " I am convinced more than ever that their passionate love story will be even more surprising and full of revelations that will leave me breathless once I will have finished reading. I am proud of Elisa who is doing thrill a lot of readers and I know that she did approach the reading so many people thanks to Touched . There is no magic more beautiful than this ! Elisa keeps up !


Elisa S.Amore ღ

To know  I've done closer to the reading of the people is unsettling , I have no words , Beatrice , thanks for telling me !


Beatrice Luzi

You've done a wonderful magic!


Sonia Lightning

I agree with everything you said Beatrice


Simona Todaro

So where do I start? I would have many things to say about it but I'm afraid to be repetitive in some way , if not trivial. The truth is that I can not do anything about it because  Touched captured me overall. You could say that it is my favorite book ever ( but only because I have not had the opportunity to read Unfaithful . Ps: I'm really risking the asylum. If the book I ordered did not arrive by Monday I make a killing XD) Returning to Touched , I have no words to describe the emotions that I got . A fascinating world, the one of the underground, and how to resist to the love story between Gemma and Evan ? Absolutely impossible . Each line of the book gave me something. I smiled and cried with the characters , because Touched is one of those books you never forget, those books which stay in your heart without an expiration date , which you reread endlessly without ever be tired. A mix of adventure and action, love , intrigue that's impossible to resist. It become a sweet obsession and I can not wait to read Unfaithful to feel the chills on the skin that will leave me , because I believe, would not disappoint me. I'm delighted to have met this novel and to have met so even a little ' the fantastic world of Elisa. I never tire of telling you. You deserve all the success they 're having and even more. I will continue to follow you. And ' the minimum for what you transmit through your book. kiss


Sonia Lightning

thanks again for this wonderful emotions that you let us live through this wonderful saga


Arianna Bordignon

I've only read Touched at the moment but I loved it ! * - *


Debora Desimoni

I must say that I read them both all in one breath . It is an original story and full of pleasant surprises ( especially at the end of the second ) that made me move , laugh and move (well, you don't meet a guy like Evan every day, isn't it? XD). Even the secondary characters are very well constructed, the "brothers " of him are fantastic ... And if I have to make a sermon I tell you ... Please do not put more scenes with spiders in the middle I am aracnofobica! Hahahah really joking aside , the scene was so well written that I seemed to have that spider on the shoulder and I got chills ... This is to tell you that you know how to write a fantastic and exciting history. Absolutely can not wait to read the third book because Unfainthful left me empty inside. Anyway I really wanted to congratulate the author because it is rare to read books so well built, for me it is a gift ... ( I tried to start writing a book at least a thousand times without success ... ) then again congratulations and best wishes ... I am sure that the third book will be a big success...

P.S. After reading the second book I watched the cover again and I must say it fits perfectly to reconstruct what happens in the novel then congratulations also to those who have created it...


Sofia Panzera

* - * I have not read the books in the series (unfortunately) but I'm really curious and eager to read them! just read the above comments to make me cum even more desire to read Touched! ^ - ^


Glenda Lissandrello

I read the first two books and certainly I will read the third ... well I'm looking forward ... Because it is a story of love so deep and exciting that you can not stop reading ... Because when a book is so nice it should not ever end. Elisa I told you so many times that you are too good . Do not ever stop writing . As I said once... Force to writers like you who have so many emotions to give to the world.


Maria Loreta de Benedittis

read Touched was a new experience and overwhelming ... I found out from a site of books and it's like the cover I said " come on, check my plot " ... I'm used to reading stories and sagas of vampires , angels and demons, fallen angels ... but I never expected that an angel of death and a common normal girl could enter in my heart so deeply! their every shiver , whisper , every heartbeat and tear was mine, it was as if I were sucked into the book experiencing this fantastic story on my skin. Afterall we are girls and thwarted and unconditional love are our obsession. As a child I dreamed of Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde , and now there are Evan and Gemma. I've loved and hated them at the same time ... I loved them when they were lovers fleeing from their fate, when they were willing to do anything to save and to live their love, I hated them when adversity put against them... because they make me cry and despair too! This saga is able to make you dream with open eyes, to make you fly high in the sky and tear every single tear you would like to hold back ... " touched " and " unfaithful " gave new life to the impossible love of once. Evan and Gemma are not just fictional characters from the pen of the writer , but they have become part of us, because every time I scroll down eyes on the words , we enter the blood and soul. I need reading to dream , to live a reality of offspring and emotions ... and Elisa with her talent has allowed me ! Thank you ! Now I just have to wait for the result to be able to say and be sure that " nothing is stronger than love , not even death "


Tiziana Carrato

Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to read it, but hope to do so soon! Everyone talks about it so well that you cannot want to read it!


Elena broth Witch Serboli

For me, Touched is a poignant and unique masterpiece, in which I found myself personally to live, eating every single page , suffering all the hardships to which this immense love and ' subject ! The characters, all described in a esemplere are so human and true in their merits defects in their fears in their feelings that get into the skin ! Evan and Gemma got all my affection because that together they face goes far beyond love, sometimes so distressing to take away your breath away! I read them both 4 times and what I felt was always amplified needless to say I often cried between those lines is deafening x the emotion of a love so consuming for both the amazing ability to Elisa to pay homage to write with fast-paced , strong sweet painful and heartbreaking all within the one magic! I had never cried so much x a book, I had never felt such a visceral emotion , I had never been so strongly in places people do not even know ! A journey into a world that now belongs to me ! Elisa 're really exceptional ❤


Filomena D' Aiello

I love these books , they are wonderful and the story is simply wonderful reading it manage to immerse yourself in the book, gave me feelings that I did not think you could try reading a book and once finished you leave heartbroken just thinking about the time that must pass to read more ..


Marina Mazzeo

Touched is a masterpiece and this is not discussed, but I do not know what struck me most of the book , perhaps the personality of Gemma who is a perfectly normal girl and loves to read , or maybe the way the characters are described or scenes , not to mention the emotions it transmits the book, among other things, one of the few that ultimately fail totally to involve me in the story. Now, if I were to describe not enough for me the rest of the time I have available . so I will just say that I expect the same from others ability to describe , in expressing the emotions of the characters, the same unpredictable plot full of mystery and certainly ... the return of something. Among other non-continuous for not doing Spoiler seek clarification and to avoid all the doubts and questions that I mix in mind of when or finished reading Unfaithful , hoping of course that May arrives as soon as ...



beautiful! I have read the second too... when it comes out the third ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Damiana Cioffi

To listen to the song of the last cd of Modà" beautiful " and read about Evan and Gemma ... of their looks ... their caresses ... their kisses ! * _ * I assure you that the pages of the book or the tablet will burn for self combustion ! : - Q____ absolutely indescribable ...


Veronique Fiorin

I finished the second ... and I'm in crisis ... how can I wait for the third ... ? Frustration to throttle ... @ _ @ ... I definitely love this saga ... but not only for the story , which is already beautiful , but also because it is written wonderfully < 3_ <3


Damiana Cioffi

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh : O: O: '(: ' (: '(: ' (

Touched ღ where are the other pages? ! ? I tried to look behind the tablet but there wasn't written nothing else! are you sure the book ends with  the thanks ? ! ? : O: O: O: O

Oh My God I will not be able to sleep anymore... I'll be in shock not for 2 days ... but for a week !

There is a hope ... ke tell me you pregoooooooooo


Point Of Orbits

I just started reading Unfaithful .. It is amazing and I'm just at the 23rd page!

There are very few books that involve you so much ! ;) The eyes can not come off ! * . * Is a pleasure to read it!


Valentina Canella

How to prepare for the release of the third book ... ? Reread the other two and see you again lost in the woods of Lake Placid as if it were the first time. Elisa you are great , I look forward ....


Roberta Ferrari

I finished this afternoon to read the second! The first was very nice but the second was truly outstanding ! ! The relationship between Evan and Gemma deeply engaging. Congratulations ! I look forward to the third


In Around the Network

We thank the blog : Books For Passion , Dreaming between the lines, legendarily , Enclosed In The World Books, Freely Speaking Of Books.


foschia75 said ...

Ooooooohhhhhh ! ! My Angel ....  from which angelic host do you descend ? ?

I know that you're not happened by chance on my way .... THANKS TO EXIST

Angels .... how don't fall in love ? ?


Anonymous said ...

But hello darling only you can make me want a book in this way ... and thank goodness that I have only read today so tomorrow I can get the ebook now!

Thank beautiful ^ _ ^


sangueblu said ...

I finished it ! ... It 's really nice. Tomorrow you will find my review! ;-)


Mariki93 said ...

I found this book in another blog and I was immediately attracted a great deal ! Now that I read your review are even more curious to read it ! * - *


foschia75 said ...

And ' since yesterday expect to read your review .... if your already after discovering I had no doubt want to read it , now I MUST find him a place , maybe between Christmas and New Year ? Ready for the next ? ? Thank you, because your findings and reviews keep the high quality of this blog ! s


Penelope said ...

I was immediately drawn to the fantastic cover , I'm a fanatic, and the plot that speaks of bad angels accentuates my curiosity ... now I'm even more sure to read it!


mielelucegrace honey said ...

I am very curious to read it and especially to give value to Italian authors! I was just hoping for a self-contained because I have too many series suspended ... but I will find a way to read this too !


sangueblu09 November 2012 06:27

Hello Lena! Also I can not wait to read it ! When I discovered it could not believe my eyes! ! :-)

My expectations , I do not know why, are high. I hope I do not disappoint ....


Lenah09 November 2012 06:32

Hello ! : D Also my expectations are high ! Maybe for the site so well done , a lot of intrigue ! ; D

I hope so too . u.ù

Giulia Killa20 November 2012 08:08

Lenah Hello ! did you read that ? after seeing this trailer I immediately ordered it! Continues to publish trailerbook that help me a lot in choosing the books ! ;))

Lenah20 November 2012 09:35

I'm half I have not finished yet :)

Giulia Killa01 December 2012 13:00

Oh God, it arrived yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning ! It is beautiful. The most intense love story I've read , is not it Lenah ? I can not wait to read the next! : DD

Lara20 November 2012 17:36

inspires me a lot , I think I'll read it soon ! after the challenge course!

Debs20 November 2012 17:37

right ! I see you're careful :) AHAHAAH joke ! begins today :)

Jaqueline Emerson20 November 2012 20:46

Yeeees! I want hips in my hands ! ;)

Debs21 November 2012 10:11

* _ * I'm eagerly waiting for the courier ! Even if you keep staring at the door I do not think it helps to get first !


Alex20 November 2012 20:52

After our beloved zombie R. ...this will be one of social prox readings : *

Debs21 November 2012 10:11

Yeees! I do not know when but we must absolutely read it !

Ancella21 November 2012 09:41

I think I shall reserve this book for the Christmas holidays ^ _ ^

The cover is memorable, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen ! It was love at first sight * _ *

Debs21 November 2012 10:12

The author was very great, was not she? I 've just done the compliments ... all deserved !

Ancella21 November 2012 12:26

Yes , really good! Congratulations deserved ! : D

Sara.G21 November 2012 22:15

I hasten to add to wishlist ! * _ *

Hello !

I am looking for this book, but is there only on Amazon? LaFeltrinelli online does not have it .

Of course, I assume that both the ebook that paper , are in Italian right?

Curious as this saga !

ELISAs . Love18 November 2012 23:03

Hello Mary , I'm glad that Touched intrigues you ^ _ ^ . The novel is in Italian and in a few days the paper will also be available on laFeltrinelli Ibs , Unilibro in major bookstores and online. The ebook is instead exclusively Amazon .

Thank you very much ,

Elisa S.Amore

mary marimatta23 November 2012 17:27

Thank you for the valuable info ... wait for the paper ( I prefer it) I can not wait to read it ... but I already know that the plot will worship from the good incurable romantic : D


Alessandra Cicchiello

I would like to read Touched because I find the plot very interesting and intrigues me the figure of the angel of death. The cover is also beautiful !

Valeria D'Anna

I love the plot , I love the cover and I'm chasing the seas , mountains , planets and galaxies

Tera Bookshelvesofdoom

I want to read Touched because I see it everywhere XD It is without doubt the book of the moment , and now I'm curious. And because I love the cover * _ *


Maria Calafiore

This book particularly struck me because even though their love is wrong , they are willing to go against anyone, that's how I imagine a beautiful love story as their due. I would like to be able to read and immerse myself in this beautiful story live each event. I have always been passionate about these books and I think this book will fall in my favorites

Sara Puddu

I want to read Touched because I love to read novels about impossible love ... the cover is beautiful and is perfect for this book as much as I could read the story and the reviews !

Bliss Silverleaf

Ah well , having already read Touched and trying by all means to win the hard copy ( autographed too * - * ), I can not attend.

Therefore . Yours is a story that could not have been more appropriate title Touched; has managed to touch me in a way that left me breathless , because every word evokes an emotion and more vivid and detailed images , feelings are to be transmitted force , rich and vivid purpose to make the heart beat .

Marinella Pattz Collio

I have read Touched and I fell in love with Gemma and Evan .... they are really in love as no one else.

Alessia Scofield

I'd like to read this book because, in addition to having an interesting plot, there is the figure of the angel of death and I'm curious to see how it was made in this case. And then there is also a love story ...

Filomena D'Aiello

I loved from the start this book not only for the plot and for the cover which are fantastic, but also as it is written , and especially it struck me the way of how reading can lose yourself in it .. literally catapult you into his world and you can put yourself in the bud without even know it into account , and how can you even try what she feels her .. It has literally stolen my heart ...

jade Annaloro

It would be wonderful to have Touched under the tree, I'm enchanted by the figure of the Angel of Death, one of my fixation always , more or less !

Sara Pusterla

I'm curious to read it , I always thought that the angels of death have a charm all their own, and now finally I would have the opportunity to find out.

Lara Forte

I would like  to read Touched because I love the cover as soon as I saw it, the two boys immersed in an embrace so close yet so far away , the sea in storm , despair and love that is felt in their union . the story won me over and comments and reviews that I take the web convinced me more and more about the beauty of the book!

Hitomi Efp

I want to have Touched because the plot is wonderful, the cover then ...... * - *

Sonia Cannarozzo

I would love to read this book because the plot inspires me a lot... love it * _ *

Happy Romi

I fell in love at first reading of the plot , I'm trying to win it for centuries, but unfortunately nada de nada

Simona Todaro

I will try all possible will arrange contest to win an autographed copy of touched. I would love to have him under the Christmas tree (at least there would be a gift this year XD) because I think Touched give away a lot of emotions lately and I live above all of them. I consider it a book capable of giving emotions and hope, a book can touch you deep inside the soul and invisible strings do not believe to exaggerate . A book full of feelings and emotions . It would be the best gift to receive.

Sofia Emily Lorenzini

I met this little book . But the story I was kidnapped, and the cover ... My god the cover I think is wonderful . As soon as I saw it I left my heart .

violet Wolf

I've already read Touched and I found it wonderful! Even best of Fallen or Twilight. It made ​​me laugh , cry and tremble. It ' a book that gets into your heart and you love for a lifetime I hope it have the success it deserves. To have a hard copy with autograph would be the best !

Miriam Rizzo

It was enough to see the cover to feel that this book would make me crazy. Then this were added a few sentences of the slide of the blod and it was enough to read angel of death and a shiver went through the whole body. I feel that it will be an unforgettable story that will leave a mark .

simona simoncini

I read the plot of the book on a blog and I fell in love , but above all it is the story of the cover, so poignant and touching. I participate in the giveaway more than anything else because I would like your own autographed copy , because I already know that much anyway buy it .

Francesca Bomparola

I love the plot, the characters , the cover that I find really amazing! A story of angels , love and overwhelming passions ..... in short, this book seems to work for me! Also, I find truly admirable tenacity of this Italian writer in undertaking the road self-publication, as well as his passion , extreme focus and commitment in pursuing all possible ways in his dream! I hope it gets the success it deserves !

Federica Cauldron

I was very impressed from the fascinating plot. In my opinion despite being a story of angels I find it very original and I would love to dive into this new saga. In addition, the cover is fantastic !

Natasha Ceredi

I did not know of this book ! As soon as I saw this page intrigued me very much, I love these kinds of stories ! angels are my passion , as soon as I saw the cover I was surprised ! it's really gorgeous. I also visited the official website and it is fantastic ! The plot has left me speechless.

Elisa Rocca

I know that you should not judge a book by its cover ... but the cover of Touched is wonderful, expresses passion and torment and reading the plot and a few reviews I think that the entire novel has as its main impression these two feelings and for this I am curious to read this book !

Tiziana Carrato

First of all I was struck by the cover that is beautiful and then I also read the story that intrigued me and I also love the stories about angels ! I'd love to read it!

Beatrice Bongini

this book interests me a lot!!

Consuelo Cedioli

I want to read this book because just reading some of the excerpts I fell in love with it. The cover is indescribable ... a human , an angel of death .. a really wanted but impossible love : I do not ask to read better!!


Some Amazon Customer Reviews


5.0 of 5 stars

Great debut! , November 19, 2012

Angela ( Faenza ( RA) - See all my reviews

I purchased the ebook impelled by love for the cover that I find wonderful , and the book won me over !

Touched is a beautiful debut novel , the first of 4 if I remember well, which tells of the encounter ( and love ) between a girl and her destiny , which has the appearance of a beautiful angel of death. The novel is very well written in my opinion, the course of history is through the voice of Gemma in some chapters and Evan in others, and I liked it very much! And it's very good at it, the author knows how to describe well the environments and especially emotions, sometimes even too much so moving! In conclusion, I was really very good and I look forward to the second, which thankfully coming out in January ! Highly recommended ! !


5.0 of 5 stars

It keeps you glued to the pages ! , November 23, 2012

Anna ( Italy )

I devoured it in three days and I could not tear myself away ! The story is very engaging. It tells a poignant love , the kind that make you move and when you feel a lack when you have finished reading it . Very well written . Does not look like a rookie . It is not the same old story about fallen angels , finally. The plot is original and above all very well thought out . The plot is very considerable , since it is only the first that opens a saga. Then the author is Italian and knows how to make really good use of the words that our wonderful language offers us. His style is poetic and every word is full of romance . In my opinion , this girl writes poetry, so congratulations!

I only supported  to know more about Simon and Ginevra, secondary protagonists of the story, but I'm sure that in the later books there is also room for them. I can not wait to read more. I will follow this saga , which I'm sure will be a great success and will delight even the most romantic hearts , of all ages . Really, do not miss it . Highly recommended !


4.0 of 5 stars

a promise of paranormal fiction , December 3, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)

In my opinion, the story has all the ingredients to become a best seller in the paranormal fiction : mystery , action, love, paranormal and an evocative and accurate .

The characters are well defined and you can really get into empathy with them, also, I found very good the idea to write the book from the point of view of both the main characters, so as to make it understand the motivations more intimate. This is something that, unfortunately, is often lacking in the novels of this genre ended up leaving the reader's curiosity unsatisfied. The plot is intriguing and engaging.


4.0 of 5 stars

Worthy replacement for twilight , December 11, 2012

of ste

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)

Beautiful story, I look forward for the next book. If you like books like Twilight should really read it, you will not be disappointed. I hope it have all the success it deserves.


5.0 of 5 stars

Love, suspense and action

David Beckham

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched (Paperback )

A very engaging novel, I loved it because I identify myself into the characters. Excellent descriptions of the rooms and especially the feelings of the characters. In addition to the love story keeps you in suspense because there are also action and chases , which I enjoyed very much. Definitely will buy the other . advised


5.0 of 5 stars

good book

of elisam

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)

Good book. Elisa I think you have the courage to fight for what you believe in and do well because you are very good at it.


5.0 of 5 stars

exciting! December 24, 2012


Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)


sincere congratulations to the author of this wonderful book. a romantic love story between an angel of death and a girl, whose life had come to an end. a story in which they are well described the feelings and emotions experienced by evan and gemma, their chase , touching them and then get lost to find themselves , the characters capture immediately solidarity and sympathy.

attention in reading grows as the plot develops, unpredictable and intriguing : how to cheat death that is looking for you?

I found it very well described the scene of fighting between the 2 angels antagonists , there seemed to be present at the final duel , relive the tension , fear and dismay through the eyes of Gemma. Uncertain until the last final , I thought that the author wanted to disappoint all my best expectations to revise the protagonists finally together, make fun of the reader now abducted and thrust into their world ... luckily it was not so, but I'll not reveal more! I suggest you to read it , and I look forward to see how the story will go on, however, because in this first volume, many issues are still outstanding deliberately .....


5.0 of 5 stars

Touching, exciting, love that crosses all boundaries ! , December 25, 2012

Bliss ( Vale)

Amazon Verified Purchase (

This review is from : To uched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)


Reading it, I couldn't stop to laugh and cry and feel the emotion explode, all at the same time , hit broadside by a total exaltation! God , what an atmosphere! That same nature from her beloved, the one that had always left a feeling of calm and tranquility, now attending to a meeting that would remain etched in his memory, indissoluble, indelible. Tension, anxiety, mental adrenaline and then the lightning strike and BAM! As expected, this beautiful boy took my heart within a few seconds. When, after weeks of anxious waiting , they meet again and he speaks to her? As this interaction between the two may seem normal and obvious, the author has made it unique, magical, thrilling and poignant at the same time , with its wonderful descriptions.

It was always more difficult for me to distract from reading.Halfway I could not believe what was supposed to happen, I felt the agitation corrod me slowly and I am still amazed of how each emotion of the characters, so well told, came upon me with equal force. Although I have found in Peter  a figure unusually interesting to me but I look immediately and exclusively on the main guy, and I was literally torn apart with from Evan, his looks and his frustrating and very tender thoughts. As Angel of Death he knows his task , but how can he bring it to an end when the only creature makes it alive is the one who must kill ?

I loved every single moment in which Evan and Gemma scrutinized the presence of each other, in silence, at a distance but perfectly aware of electricity that ran through the steps that keep the two apart , not to mention when , close , eye to eyes , excluded the rest of the world, leaving only their existence . Every single scene is steeped in intensity , involving all the senses and the mind blocking within the novel from beginning to end . In short , I read it in just two days and the only breaks that I have been given lunch, dinner and night ! It 's a story that gives life to a kind of clear film , no doubt with many more D movies that lead to the cinema today!

A love magical and sparkling flanked by the darkest of judgments, a battle to the beat of the heart that will keep eyes glued to the pages - or , in my case, the SmartPad ! With a limpid style , cantilenane , able to create real and vivid images that are followed incessant Love Elisa gave birth to a stunning novel , very intense and real in his imagination. Wonderful!


4.0 of 5 stars

a whirlwind of emotions in simple bound pages , 29 December 2012

Mary <3

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from : Touched (Paperback )

Touched is a book that I found in the many links on internet. I immediately loved the little review and the cover and in a few days with amazon has arrived at home. To say I read it in one night would be an understatement , because I literally devoured in a few hours.  The reading is smooth and captures you in his words, the wonderful characters ( do you love right away ) and the love story between Gemma and Evan is magical and makes you just hope that someone like Evan might really exist. For those who loved twilight , hush hush, fallen , and other sagas still can not ' miss this book for anything in the world ! ! my rating is 4 stars and now I look forward to the next " unfaithful "


4.0 of 5 stars

A good find , December 29, 2012

of ValeD

" A love story that gets in the mind, warms the heart and touches the soul .

I discovered this book in a giveaway and I was immediately captured !

Stop with the vampires, stop with werewolves, the new fantasy lords are the Angels and not any angels , but the Angels of Death .


Love, fear , passion, a mix skilfully blended the two points of view of this wonderful novel : that of Gemma but also the one of Evan , and I must say that the anchors is so well made ​​that you do not feel the heaviness that, for example , I tried reading Breaking Dawn. Here, if we are intrigued by what he or she is thinking in that particular situation , we can find out. You will think , and where is the fun ? Being able to imagine what the other was thinking could be fun! Do not think that because you reach the end will be the last thing to think , there are so many twists and turns, so many situations and many characters, only introduced here , who knows what will we see in the next 4 books!


5.0 of 5 stars

Hypnotizes from the first word to the last . , January 9, 2013


Amazon Verified Purchase ( What's this? )

This review is from : Touched ( Touched Saga) (Kindle Edition)

Beautiful, exciting and damn romantic mesmerizes you from the first word to the last .

I find that Elisa has found the right harmony of emotions in order to create an exciting love story.

I look forward to continue to read how . Congratulations Elisa .





Ferrari Noemi wrote the November 27, 2012

5.0 of 5 stars

After reading it, I'm happy to confirm that even in Italy we have writers worthy of note. The book, to me, is more than well written , full of metaphors and similes. Quite the contrary , perhaps the stilted language at times slows down a bit ' reading, but only at certain points , for the rest of the writing is smooth and you can get lost in the characters . I really liked to know the point of view of both characters , Evan and Gemma . I loved especially the tormented chapters by Evan .

I think Elisa S.Amore has a good narrative skills , richness of language, imaginative and introspective capacity . Particularly effective is the expressive intensity of emotions. The story is interesting and original.

I highly recommend reading it to anyone looking for a love story truly original and touching.


Violettalupo wrote on November 24, 2012

5.0 of 5 stars

Great debut !

I literally devoured this book! With the cover , it was love at first sight and I got the ebook, after reading it I confirm my love for this book ! I found it amazing ! The romantics can not really miss it. A strong love , yearning , those who never forget. I can not wait to come out in January the following because I 'm in love with Evan ! Recommended for romantic and all those who love to dream , no matter the age . I found it romantic and full of emotions , sometimes very moving because it sucks you into the story. And I do not even look like a debut because it is written in a wonderful and full of Italian poetry. Congratulations to Elisa S.Amore because with her story gave me intense emotions. 


4.5 out of 5 Stars


Would need a word to describe the wonder of this book. Too bad that this word has not yet been invented.

Elisa S. Love has managed to create a masterpiece , which by the Italian authors I have not seen for some time . This young and beautiful author has a poetic style that sweeps the reader into the thoughts and anxieties of the protagonists. A narrative that hits the reader with a power almost as poignant emotions that affect the characters. Every single scene is described with such mastery that make imagine so vivid that you seem to live through the eyes of characters narrating : Gemma and Evan

Elisa S. Love has managed to pack a novel by original tones that protagonists are not only angels but also the Witches two figure that until now had never been seen together.

A big round of applause to this emerging author that ravished my heart with her history and many Good luck for novels to come, I hope to have the pleasure of reading them as soon as possible .


Luna Effy Ferrara from the blog who is charlie


Touched is a book that can be read in one breath and leaves you breathless.


I was sad to stop reading it because of lunches and Christmas cookies , but it is definitely a reading recommended, where even the " bad guy " has managed to carve out a place in my heart for his harrowing depth .

Action, deception, love intertwine perfectly in this novel .

A memorable love story told in a sublime way .

The style certainly has something unique that catches you, like a magnet , and demonstrates the skill of the author. The descriptions are vivid enough to make the scene real , and the emotions of the various characters are well esplicate , understandable to the reader even when Gemma seems to doubt it.


Best Books

Touched was recommended to me by a friend of mine who has already read it, and that he found it is very interesting and enjoyable not only from the point of view of the plot, but also for the way in which it is written , so I can not wait to read it.


Marinella Pattz Collio

♥ ♥ Just finished to read it!!!!! Wonderfuuuuuuul!!!!! Beautiful and romantic ... ♥ poignant! It gave me deep emotions and it race my heart ♥ I look forward to the 2nd ..... ciaooooooooooo


Filomena D' Aiello

I finally finished reading the book is great I love it , can't wait to read them all I was literally kidnapped! I consider it better than both of twilight and fallen ! Simply wonderful! ♥ ♥


Deborah Linzi

just finished reading ... BEAUTIFUL ! ! It goes right to one of my favorite books ! Waiting for the next book...


Jessica Cumans

I fell in love with Touched! The words are so intense and deep that I felt all sensations  on my skin! .. I can not wait to continue


A NGY Faggion

Congratulations ... I finished Touched yesterday: beautiful engaging and full suspense .. it reminded me when I read Twilight, same feelings I wanted to keep reading to know how it ended .. congratulations deserves to Elisa! I focused also on the final thanks: you're right you should always follow your dreams and not to give up .. I can not wait to read Unfaithful .


Point Of Orbits

I am at the first 25 pages and am fully captured by the book * . * I finally found a book that I catch !


Elizabeth Arcuri

 I practically devoured ... really beautiful!



Sophie Newton

No, I 'll never make it to arrive in January! I finished Touched yesterday, and I took an incredible lump in throat. I already miss it! It 's a drug, addictive Evan and Gemma . Then I did not expect at all that has happened to Gemma OO I was under shock! But I can say with absolute certainty that this entered among my favorite books of all time. One of those that come into you , touch your heart and your soul and from there will never go away. * - * I can not imagine , then , how will be the second. Between passion (and passion ! * _____________ * ) , Intrigue , secrets revealed and that " She is the weapon " that intrigues me more than ever ! An explosive mixture , in fact. It will be my death. : ')

I just loved it! He touched my heart , it entered inside of me. I loved it intensely .


Unfaithful prewiev on Atelier Books 


Cioci X15 January 2013 18:46

I love this sagaaaaaaaaaaa ... I 'm really in love I would love to win it * _ * Elisa is great!


SimoSimoncini 15 January 2013 18:53

I'm still reading Touched .... but I already know that I also want Unfaithful ! ! The cover is gorgeous, as the first of the rest ... I only regret not being able to read the extract ... not now at least ;)


Bliss Silverleaf 15 January 2013 18:59

Here I am!!!!! It has been hours that I update the blog waiting for this article, and finally here it is ! Because I want the book? Because when you inhale, exhale , and also you have to start over , or you die . Here , once started and read Touched , how you might like to ask someone not to read Unfaithful ? If the first book made my heart explode in his chest, turn my head and cry and laugh with this discontinuity to give the impression even to myself going mad , I'm almost afraid to imagine what a whirlwind of feelings kill me this time . And then the cover is splendid, magnificent , wonderful , evocative, poignant , perfect , dark frustrating but , well ... could not be any better than that!

The Unfaithful forward to shake his hands wears me out for weeks now ... comment excited about a book that emotions makes them dance to every word, no holds barred !


Francycullen 15 January 2013 19:02

Oh my God ! I absolutely can not pass up this opportunity ! I love the saga of Touched by Elisa S.Amore with his angels, and I'd really be able to read the long-awaited sequel of the first novel ! * . *

In any case, I renewalmy congratulations to this talented Italian writer ! : D


Nymeria 15 January 2013 19:04

Touched is waiting for me on the table and since everyone is talking about it good, I 'm going to read the book two. The cover , as indeed that of its predecessor , it is gorgeous. :)


Janeisa 15 January 2013 19:06

I have not bought Touched ( but a matter of day I have to go to the tobacconist to make the payment uu ), but even before reading Touched I have a feeling I will love him . Now you may wonder how can I think of wanting Unfaithful although I do not have yet the first volume ? Now, ignoring the exquisite spoiler Elisa on fb yesterday and that has forced the undersigned to run to take a glass of water to plate redness / uu heartbeat but those are things OBVIOUS , is a sensation on the skin , the kind you rarely feel with the books, but in those few occasions when you feel you must read a book then it is done , you have to read that book , otherwise it will become an obsession. Here this is the reason why I want to read it, now if you put an end to my obsession with this beautiful gift I will be immensely grateful. Otherwise I will buy it like any normal player XD ^ _ ^



Luce 15 January 2013 19:18

How can you not want a novel like that. It 's just amazing. It transmits emotions so intense they make me shudder . That's why I want this book , because I want to try those emotions that made ​​me dream !


Lucrezia15 January 2013 19:27

the cover is really very intense , very gothic ... I'm thinking how come all the blood ? oo

I would like to have it because I read touched and while not being a lover of the genre I liked it and now when I start something I must absolutely accomplish. let's hope that luck is on my side again , especially for the paper , so I can add it to my library * _ *


Foreigner 15 January 2013 19:37

The story built by Elisa S. Love is one of those that stays with you in the heart , is one of those that you can not forget in about a week. With this series , you are forced to take refuge under the covers at night, to re-read all the passages that have made ​​my heart beat during reading. Because that between Evan and Gemma is one of those stories that you're convinced that you bring with you for the rest of your years and you would like to always keep in your mind. Why Touched manages to infuse all the thoughts and emotions of Gemma and Evan . It is one of those books that you know all the jokes and is one of those novels that I enjoy memorize whole paragraphs. Because the style of the author is really addictive and from the first page manages to capture you. Because despite this girl, Elisa , has decided to take an uphill struggle , choosing the self-publishing , has managed to create a wonderful book , with a cover that take your breath and a history from which it is impossible to detach until the end.

And then , because the creatures described in the novel are officially became part of my favorites, and if ever I were to choose a supernatural creature with whom to share my fate , it would probably be an Underworld.

I would like Unfaithful for all these reasons and also for all the hundreds that I have not listed. In short, I can not wait to get it in my hands! * _ *


saetta915 January 2013 19:39

It is since you mention Touched that I'm raging by the desire to own and read this  saga! The covers are spectacular with gloomy atmosphere that reminds me a bit of the cover from the saga of Fallen. I fell in love at first sight! I Can not read the excerpt because I want to first read Touched! Fingers crossed ! :)


Rosa Casolare 15 January 2013 20:18

I finished a few days ago to read Touched and I still feel the mood completely invaded by the emotions that stirred me , so intense as to be indescribable ...

Even before I start reading it I was already madly in love and got to the last page are barely able to restrain myself to keep me from starting it again!

The story overwhelmed me, the style enchanted , especially when the narrative is passed to Evan , and I especially appreciated the phrase "It was almost surreal the way every time , coming into the library, it was like the book to choose me. A perception under the skin , like a mutual desire . " because that's just what happened to me with Touched and Unfaithful .

The novel of Elisa hits you straight to the heart , as if to make you die any girl would accept death rather than to know a person like Evan and live the story of Gemma. I want Unfaithful as I did with Touched and hope to read it as soon as possible !


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